Thursday, June 25, 2009

one last update

"but I was wondering about one particular little chubby baby boy that we all thought was adorable....If you are private and don't want to tell me who you are..then feel free to ignore this email, but I loved on this little chubby baby boy that had great hair and and smiled all the time and sucked his thumb...He was so chubby that he barely fit in the bumbo seat he was always sitting in...He was always happy and you couldn't help but notice him because he smiled at you every time you walked by....I was just going to tell someone HOW cute he was and HOW happy he was.....I believe Julie might have said that he was going home soon"

THIS is about our boy! I am so excited. He's a thumb sucker, just like Emelia and Charlie! I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

48 hours

We leave in just over 48 hours. Wow, I can't believe we are in the cool crowd now (those actually traveling to get their kids). During the waiting it felt like it would never happen. Now here we are...about the fly out. We have been packing, cleaning, unpacking, weighing, repacking, redistributing, packing and more cleaning. It has been a busy week. I had my last day at work today. It was a wonderful last day. Weird to think I won't be back for months. The thought has hit me that the waiting was probably the easy part...3 kids under 3 might be even harder. Sleepless nights, illness, etc. might be even harder than waiting...........MAYBE.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The truth comes out

My darling daughter turned into a monster. She has been acting like a hormonal 13 year old. She is only 3. This was our conversation today that finally shed some light on the situation

Emelia: (crying at dinner)
Me: What is wrong Emelia?
Emelia: You put butter on my noddles and I don't like it that way. You're not doing what I want.
Me: Em, you always like butter on your noodles. Why not tonight?
Emelia: Because that's not what I WANT!!!! (follow by lots of tears and sobbing)
Me: Emelia, what is going on in your heart?
Emelia: I am really excited about Levi coming but....I am not happy you are leaving me and it makes sad feelings in my heart. (followed by lots more tears and lots more sobbing)

Oh, my heart breaks. She has been acting out so much the past few days. I didn't really realize she was processing this much. I didn't really think she understood exactly what was all happening. I am overjoyed to go get Levi but I am sad for Emelia and Charlie. If you (yes, you reading this) are praying for our family, please pray for Emelia and Charlie. That they would have peace and comfort while we are gone.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet letter, 60 cans of formula and my boys

My Daughter, Emelia wrote this letter the other day. She is 3 and is just learning to write.
It says "We are going to get Levi". It is amazing to see her excitement in this process. She is joining us in counting down the days until Levi is home with us.

If you ever wondered....what 60 cans of formula looked like:
An amazing woman I work with got these donated from Similac. Thanks!!

Daddy and his son. 11 more days until daddy has another son on his lap.

Waiting Families: For all you families out there still stuck, waiting, not hearing, frustrated, lacking faith....I am praying for you and your children. I can relate to the heartache of waiting, not knowing when you will meet your children. It is amazing to be on this side. I feel undeserving. Why me and not you also. Praying the Lord provides during your desert season.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tickets Purchased!!!!!!!!!!

We purchased tickets about 3 seconds ago! We leave Friday the 26th and return July 3rd. It is a very sureal feeling. Knowing I am leaving a week from Friday to go get my son!!!! Wow!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Travel dates!

We have to be in Ethiopia by June 28th and leave July 2nd. So excited!

Travel update

So, no we don't have travel dates....yet. I am hoping we get them very soon. We did get an update on Levi, which included sizes and schdules. He is a BIG boy. At 5 months he weighs 16 lbs and is 28 in tall. He will we wearing 6-9 month clothes. They said about his personality:

"Degefa is a content baby most of the time. He is very active and loves to sit in his Bumbo seat. He is growing very chunky, his eyes roam the room and take everything in. He seems to be turning his head both ways and it is easy to get a smile out of him."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Preview the details

This morning as I was in the shower, Andrew came running in, slammed the door open and gave me a sappy look. "He's ours!". I started sobbing. Thankfully I had already washed out my conditioner. Then he told me Christy was waiting to talk to me. I jumped out and grabbed the phone. (Very thankful we do not have a camera phone). Anyways, Christy told me we had passed and that Levi was officially ours. They had been able to locate his mom (wait that's me now), his birthmom, and she went to court. Paper signed, etc. We will be able to travel to get him in 2-4 weeks. I look forward to meeting Almaz and hearing the whole story. I am really curious how they found her, when, and where. I also sent ahead a photo album just in case they found her. I didn't think she would show up for the birthmom meeting. It brings me great joy to know she was given that album. She will know that her son is loved and she will be able to see the "great cloud of witnesses" in his life. I do still hope that she shows up to meet us in person but I realize it is very unlikely.
Several weeks before we failed court in May, I felt like God promised me He would "part the waters for Levi". I have referred to it briefly in my postings. I wanted to believe God would do it but was plagued with confusion and doubt. One thing I didn't realize when God had given me this promise was that the waters were not parted for Israel until they were completely backed up against it. No way out. The Egyptians coming for them. Then is when God chose to do his show His glory. When God told me this promise I thought, "Awesome God's going to do it, this will be easy." Well, the past few weeks have been rather horrible but I am glad to have this story for my son. To be able to tell him about God's great love for him. That at the last minute his birthmom was found. (The judge gave us 2 weeks to find her and we could still pass court. Otherwise we would have to apply for another court appointment several months away). I am glad to tell him about his mother's love for him. That she loved him so much that she traveled 7 hours to get to court. I can't wait to hear the whole story.
So... what's next
We wait for travel dates. Probably will be end of june beginning of July.
Then we pack and get our BOY!

He's ours!!!!!!!!

Levi Degefa Weiseth is officially ours! Thank you Jesus!

more later....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Boy!

A dear friend of mine came home last night after picking her daughter up in Ethiopia. Her daughter was at Hannah's Hope with Levi. This morning the kids and I purchased some freshly made injera and drove it over to their house. Her sweet girl is beautiful. It was a priveledge to see them today.
She also gave me such a blessing today. She showed me pictures of "my" son. He is huge! He has hair, fat thighs, and best of all...a beautiful smile. It was only briefly that I saw the pictures but it gave me so much... The past 2 weeks have been extremely challenging emotionally, spiritually, etc. I think a part of my heart disconnected from Levi unsure if he would ever really be my son. I liken it to a pregnancy that follows a miscarriage. You want to fall in love but hold back afraid to get hurt again. When I saw those eyes, the hurt deepened but also my resolve to keep praying and hoping for him also deepened. I don't know how it is going to work out, or how long it will take. But...I love that boy! little or big...I will wait. (I am glad you all cannot see me writing this. I am a blubbering fool sobbing as I write.)
I am selfishly grieving the days and months lost. The age, day and picture that I had in my head. I am grieving what I wanted. I am grieving not holding him right now. Grieving the lack of control I have in this situation. But finally today, when I saw his face again, I was able to move beyond my own self and remember the story God has made for Levi. A story of redeption and love. Some day I will be able to tell Levi how God parted the waters for him. Waters of doubt, a missing birth mom, finances, distance, etc. I will be able to tell him that God loves him so much that he orchestrated miracle after miracle to bring him into our family.
God is also working a miracle in my heart. One moving away from worshiping comfort and self to a heart that would give anything to serve this little boy miles away in an orphange. He is giving me a new resolve, a new faith, and a whole lot of grace.
So thank you dear friend. For loving on my boy when I could not. For bringing me the best gift EVER!
Thanks also to all those who continue to pray a miracle for us. I hope to be able to share good news someday...soon?

Friday, June 5, 2009

2 weeks since court

Another non-update. No news is not good news to us. We have heard NOTHING. Our caseworker is apparently preparing info about all the recent cases for Monday. Hoping to hear ANY news then.