Friday, August 21, 2009

Prayer Answered!

A good friend of mine had been dealing with infertility for the past year. During this time she also shared with me her heart for adoption. During the past month God has worked a major miracle in their lives and hearts. They have sent in their application to adopt from Ethiopia with AGCI. You can read the full story on their blog

There is a lot of answered prayer in their story... but there is an answered prayer of mine as well. I have been praying that our story would encourage and support other people to adopt. Andrew and I are only 1 family that can adopt a couple, few, several? kids. But we can have a great impact by encouraging others to do the same. Think of all the more children that could have families! I am delighted that God has used us to encouraged another family.

Who is next?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pow Wow

When I was a young life leader we would frequently do a "Pow Wow". It was an easy icebreaker that got the conversation going. My young life kids (or Youth- as Sarah and Josh M would prefer) really seemed to enjoy it
Pow- hard thing in your week
Wow- great thing in your week
So here is my Pow Wow for the week.

I have been the the pediatrician 3 times in the past 2 weeks. It's not a good sign when the receptionist know your name and the names of your kids. As of today I have 2 kids on antibiotics. One a bladder infection and the other an ear infection. Levi ruptured his eardrum yesterday. He was really fussy all day yesterday with no obvious ear symptoms and then all of a sudden fluid was flowing out of his ear. Then he was happy again. Strange. You think being a nurse and a mother or 3 that I might clue into him being sick before his eardrum ruptured. Nope, not me.

Over the weekend I took my kids to eastern Washington to see my grandparents. They live about 4 hours away normally but 6 hours with kids. I dearly love my grandparents but my grandfather in particular has had a more difficult time with transracial adoption. He grew up with very different opinions on races. I don't know how to put it delicately. Anyways, he met Levi for the first time. He actually told me several times he was cute. He held him and talked with him. He even wrote my uncles emails saying he was cute. Today he asked my mom when I was going to bring the kids to see them again. This is huge! God has softened his heart to love even my black son.

Sorry no pictures. Maybe next visit.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

God promises to orphans

Here is what the Bible says about God's promises to the orphan child:

God promises to defend you.
God promises to rescue you.
God promises to deliver you.
God promises to come to you.
God promises to hear you.
God promises to not leave you.
God promises to lift you up.
God promises to lead you out.
God promises to be your Father.
God promises to make you a home.
God promises to not forget you.
God promises to execute mercy toward you.
God promises to execute true justice to you.
God promises to give you food and clothing.
God promises to help you.
God promises to maintain your cause.

Somethings are just not in the bible. Whether or not to do homeschool, infertility treatments, etc. The list could go on. The bible is VERY clear on how God feels about orphans. I love that! I am so thankful that God opened my heart to see that. I was missing a very big piece of his character. I really went days, months, years without ever thinking of orphans. I am also so thankful that God allowed me to participate in his promises to Levi. It has been such a privilege.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

one on one time

Remember life with one child? You spent all day with that sweet face but... you couldn't wait for your spouse to get home so you could have a break. You loved to go to the grocery alone. You day dreamed about your life before kids...what did you do all day?
Now you add another child: Baby number 2. All of a sudden time with only one kid is a vacation. It is so much easier to go to Costco with 1 child verses 2. You divide and conquer.
Now you add another child: Baby number 3. Now 2 kids is relaxing and 1 kid is a joke. You wonder what you possibly ever complained about. But now, for me at least, being with one is a dream. It is precious. I get to delight in my child. I get to cuddle, hug and kiss them without competition. I get to read all their favorite stories as many times as possible. I get to pour into them.
Today my parents took my oldest sailing for a few days. It was just me and the boys. After I got Levi down tonight at 6pm, Charlie and I played, played and played. We did all his favorite things. About 100 times a day he says: "Play trains with you mommy, pweeeeez!" He's obsessed with his trains and his Mommy. Tonight I was able to sit on the floor and play trains, uninterrupted and I actually really enjoyed myself. Then we went to the "Go backyard, pweeeeeeeeeeeez!". We dug in the dirt, made grass soup, played cars and ran around chasing each other. We finished off our outside time by picking blueberries together on the hill. I feel like I will remember this evening together for the rest of my life. It was absolutely precious.
After I sang to him and prayed with him I put him in his bed and said...."I love you Charlie." He responded, "I love you too Mommy," in the sweetest cutest voice ever. I AM IN LOVE!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Photo update

Thankfully it has cooled off. The house is no longer 90 degrees. Below is a picture of our tomato plants. I am not sure how tomatoes grow in the rest of the country but these are going nuts. The plants are all about 5+ feet tall. I have never grown such enormus plants. All this hot weather has paid off.
Our boy loves the swing

Morning cuddle time in sister's bed

Kids in the bath..playing so nicely

Charlie trying to sit on baby. Poor Levi.

Our social worker came on Monday to do our first report. I cannot believe we have been home for a month. Sometimes it seems like we have been a family forever and that we should adopt 10 more. Other times I feel like I am struggling just to SURVIVE the day. Sometimes Levi seems like he has always been my son and other times he feels like a stranger. I am still learning how to read his signals and moods. Emelia and Charlie are loving him so much, too much as you can see from the picture. They are always holding and playing with him.
As for me this week I have been studying God's names. I feel like someone has given me a secret key to understanding scripture. Today I was reading in Exodus 6:2-3 and realized 3 different names were used for God in a few sentences. Elohim, El Shaddai and Yahwah. Knowing the meaning on the names really opens up my understanding as to what exactly is being said. I am LOVING this study. I am reading "Trusting in the Names of God" by Catherine Martin. I would highly recommend it.