Friday, November 27, 2009

re-adoption day and attachment

November 20th we participated in the National Adoption Day event in Bellingham, WA. It was an amazing experience. I am so glad our social worker pushed us to get our papers in and get 'er done. Degefa Andrew Weiseth is now officially Levi Degefa Weiseth.

The court room where we his readoption took place. Each child received a teddy bear and the sibling received bunnies.

This is Levi about ready to go before the judge. We were the first family of about 30.

Just celebrating with new friends

Still loves to nap in the ergo. I don't know what I would do without it.

Attachment: Levi started to crawl about 2 weeks ago. Now he follows me all over the house and pulls up on furniture. He's got skills. Last week he started the get purposely affectionate. He had only cuddled before when he was tired or asleep. The past week he has been crawling to me and laying his head on my foot, leg, chest (where ever) and cuddling for 2-3 secs. Then he is off again. When I sit on the floor he does this about every 5 mins. It is so cute and it completely melts me. Our attachment has grown over the past few weeks so much. It seems that most people "feel attached" to their adopted children right away. That they love them SOOOO much. While this is true it I don't think I realized how much ATTACHMENT is a process. It is a journey. It is not just lovingly taking care of someone. It is the mutual osmosis of love, trust and affection. Levi and I have had our ups and downs. Some days I felt like I...well I won't say it. We had some hard days. It is awesome to see how far we have come.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Want to save money?

Here's some top-level advice from the Weiseth Dad:

Wouldn't it be great if you could get two of your kids to sleep on one mattress? And, what if you didn't even need a frame? "But Andrew, how would I accomplish such a simplifying, space saving & cost effective thing as this" you ask? Simple! Just buy them a bunk bed.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sister kiss

Emelia loves being a big sister. She is very good at helping me take care of her brothers. When we come inside the house she helps Charlie take off his shoes. When Levi is fussing, she carries him to me or gives him a toy. She pleads EVERY day for a sister. She wants so badly for us to find "Naomi". Here are a few Emelia quotes from this week:
"Naomi is still in Ethiopia. We HAVE to find her soon."
"I have been thinking about it all day...Here is a penny to buy a van. Then we can get Naomi."
"Being a big sister is a lot of work. I hope Naomi is bigger so she can be the big sister."

Andrew and I have felt for quite awhile that God had another daughter for us. We have no idea as to when, where, or how. Please join us in praying for Naomi. Pray that God will direct us and provide. Consider this your unofficial announcement that we are making steps towards being a family of 6.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Photo update

I am a little late on this one: but yes we did go get pumpkins. It was a beautiful day. I somehow forgot about how muddy pumpkin patches are. I also didn't account for carrying Levi on my back and Charlie on my front (he was freaked out for some reason). So now how was I suppose to carry a pumpkin? Next year.... well, maybe we will skip next year and get one at the grocery store.


Getting to be so the booty.


Blue eye boy: Andrew
Blue eye girl: Emelia
Green eye boy: Charlie
Green eye girl: Amber
Brown eye boy: Levi
Brown eye girl: to be continued....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Feeling thankful today.
Feeling thankful of having plenty.
Actually overflowing.
Most of our closets are overflowing with clothes, food, crayons, etc.
We are not rich in the US but we live like Kings and Queens compared to most the world.

Wondering if we have enough for another child.
Dreaming of Naomi.
Still doesn't make "sense".
We have been blessed with so much to give.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Finally did it!

I am not sure really what took me so long. ...
or really why I did it tonight but.....

I am now officially on facebook

Anyone want to be my friend? (I feel like I am in elementary school again)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Highlight of the Year -with a Side of Irony (by Andrew)

(Sorry to hijack your blog again Amber.) I have to say I've always looked at blogging, face-tweeting and the likes with cynicism. "Why do people think anyone would care what kind of sandwich they're making at the moment? How ego-centric can you be?!" Now, I still know it all can be a fairly unhealthy, self-centered obsession for some. But this (Amber's blog & many of yours) has taught me to see what one always sees with a closer look, Christ is the Great Redeemer. He can even breath life into online social networking! I have seen great fruit come from this blog & others. Preface A completed, here, quickly is B: I share this not to point to me, or Amber. We're sinful people in need of daily correction, me especially. I share the story because I am pretty sure someone will benefit from it -this book can be a valuable tool.

For our the-boys-are napping reading time with Emelia today I read, "Aslan's Triumph." It's a nicely summarized version of C.S. Lewis' "The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" from the Narnia series. The illustrations are well made & thoughtfully put together. As we read it I kept telling Emelia that the story was made to tell us about Jesus.

When we got to the end, she still seemed very focused on it so I went back to the 1st page & asked, "What does this picture teach us about Jesus?" Then, we talked about it. This went on all the way through the book! Granted, it's not a huge book. But we had good talks that went on for a while on most of the pages. I asked a few times if she wanted to keep going but she was still interested. Some times she missed the concept entirely but was eager to learn. Other times her understanding of the picture surprised me.

We covered temptation, identity & purpose, sin & its penalty, Satan ("The Accuser"), angels & demons, Christ's intentional & brave sacrifice of Himself, His resurrection, His victory over death, the exhilarating joy of following Him, Christ's victory over the battle, how all of His followers survive in the end, heaven, and becoming the people He made us to be.

...hardly a typical afternoon talk with my 4 year old. (I hope I can say otherwise in the months to come!) I got to sit for half an hour and share the Gospel with my daughter! As my friend Josh would say, it was beautiful. It was.

At the end of the story my little blond girl & I talked about the little blond girl who revives her brother with the gift from Aslan (the gift of healing). "Did you know" I asked Emelia picking her up onto my lap to face me, "that YOU have gifts too? Jesus has given you gifts!" She was so intrigued & locked eyes with me in the way I think every father longs for his beloved children to do. She was mine, eagerly awaiting the good news (the Good News!) I had for her, delighted, trusting & focused. I knew right away that whatever I said next would stick.

So, naturally, I lost it.

I am glad to report that I didn't go snotty-nosed-hyperventilating-high-pitched-voice on her. But cry I did. It seems children's books are what put Amber & me over the edge these days.

I got to tell her about the gifts I see in her. I got to fill her with wonder at the gifts she has -ones that we don't even know about yet. And, I got another opportunity to point my girl to Jesus. I am so filled right now it's silly.

My latest highlight of the year involves crying over a kids book and I'm blogging about it.