Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weiseth Christmas 2009

Our Christmas morning began with stocking gifts and then snuggling with toys received the night before. Charlie is in love with this you can see.

Emelia made us breakfast tea with her Addy doll.

After Breakfast and family worship we headed out for a walk. Such a beautiful day!

In the afternoon we reenacted the Christmas story with our little people nativity set.

Then we had a candlelight dinner. So... I completely forgot to thaw the turkey so we had pretzel crusted chicken breast with a creamy cheese mustard sauce. Totally nontraditional but completely yummy!

Earlier, while the boys were sleeping, Emelia and I made a Birthday cake for Jesus. We sang and ate cake after dinner.

Andrew and I were busy putting Emelia and Levi to bed. Charlie was being so good and quiet. That should have been a warning that something was happening...

(Charlie found Emelia's new Mr.Sniff markers)

This was the first Christmas since our honeymoon that we spent it with our immediate family. It was wonderful! Very calm and special.

Christmas day also had another special meaning to us (besides the birth of our savior). The day also marked Levi's time WITH us as the same amount of days as WITHOUT us. His first 5.5 months were spent in an orphanage and Hannah's Hope. His second 5.5 months were in our family. I cannot believe he has almost been home 6 months. In 2 weeks he will be a 1 year old! This has been a very blessed and wonderful year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

REadoption day pic

A lovely AGCI friend, Erin, sent me this picture. I just love it! We readopted our boys the same day in Bellingham. If you look close to the picture you can see that we are raising our right hands promising to take care of Levi always, to protect and love him.

Emelia's quote of the day: "I know what Naomi wants for Christmas! All she wants is us...a family!" (For those of you who don't know who Naomi is: She is our future daughter. We are all pretty sure we will be adopting again. Emelia has everything all planned out.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From 2 to 1

8 years ago Andrew and I were married. It was an amazing day! All day I have been smiling just thinking about my husband and how God has been so faithful to us. When I graduated high school I felt God telling me I needed to prepare to be a wife. Well I really didn't know much at 17 about being a wife. So I read every book I could find in the Christian book store. My friends, for good reason, thought I was crazy. 3 months later I met Andrew at Seattle Pacific University. We became best friends very quickly. At Thanksgiving break from school my aunt asked if I had "met any boys?". I told her about Andrew and how i thought he was the type I wanted to marry but we were just friends. Andrew was an amazing friend. He loved me regardless of my moods, made me laugh, taught me to how to have fun, he enjoyed all the little things in life. He was a joy to me. Around Christmas time 10 years ago we had a DTR (Define the relationship) talk. We decided to pray for 3 days and then talk again about whether we should date. We loved our friendship and didn't want to ruin that. We also decided to only date if we thought we could marry the other person. This sounds so serious and a bit crazy but.....God was so much a part of bringing us together that we really wanted to obey Him. So we started dating December 27, 1999.
fast forward... Andrew proposed December 27, 2000. Then we were married December 15, 2001.
The past 8 years have been full. we have moved 6 times (in the first 6 years), 3 kids, several different jobs and lots of other craziness. In all of that we have been blessed infinitely. I used to worry we might "grow apart" since we were married so young. I had heard that from several people. I was pondering this a lot today and I don't think it is possible to grow apart if you both are loving Jesus and spending time with Him. God created marriages. He created woman and man to be together. (I am trying to type this while holding both the boys. So I end with this.) We are not the perfect couple, our personalities are not perfectly complementary, we still fight, misunderstand each other and get annoyed. Over the past 8 years we have put a lot of work into our marriage and have spent a lot of time with Jesus. We are still growing more and more together to being ONE than apart. I am so thankful for this!

AHHH.. must get boys off me now! bed time!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

picture blast

Fun pictures from the week....

Picnic outside on the patio. Yes it is freezing outside but this all took place on a Daddy Day while I was at work.

Emelia and I just finished reading The Wizard of Oz. Andrew helped her make this costume...also on Daddy Day.
I love having a husband who loves being a Dad. He is so creative and purposeful with our children. I don't have a picture but Andrew started Family Worship about a month ago. Every morning before he leaves for work we sit down as a family and worship. We sing songs, read the bible, confess our sins and pray. I love it! Our kids love! Charlie says, "Family worship time! Yeah!" (while clapping wildly).
Okay, the next pictures happened on my watch. I came upon my daughter cleaning out Levi's toe jam. What is even more amazing is that earlier I found her holding Charlie down, ripping his socks off and cleaning his toe jam as well. By the way, I have NEVER cleaned the toe jam out from any of my kids. She didn't learn this from me. This is completely her idea!

This afternoon I took the kids to my parent's boat (They live on it). Here are some cute pictures of the visit.