Saturday, May 8, 2010

Passed another hurtle

We were officially approved to work with Beacon House on thursday. It was bitter sweet news. The way adoptions work in Ghana is that the Social Welfare for Ghana decides whether a family can adopt from Ghana or not. They also give out referrals. In Ethiopia the individual agencies (like AGCI, Gladney, etc) were responsible for referrals.

The news of our acceptance into the Beacon House program also had a statement regarding thepossibility of Social Welfare (within the Ghanaian government) denying us based on our family makeup. Especially the fact that our children are all young and that we have requested a young child (0-4yr). So given this info we have a few choices. We can move forward, completing our dossier, sending it to Ghana and then wait to hear whether Social Welfare will approve us or not. Or, we may be able to wait on completing our dossier and just send our homestudy to see if they will make a decision based on that. That is currently the avenue we are trying to take but the timing may not work out.

When I read this info my heart sunk. There is such a big part of me that wants this to be "easy". As if easy means God is behind it. Maybe it is just pride....that if Ghana denies us then we made the wrong choice, wrong country, wrong program, etc. Then I was reminded of a few things. A blog I love posted this recently which speaks to suffering within orphan care and adoption. That suffering is not equated with being out of God's will. (She links to a John Piper Sermon- What does it mean to live by faith in service to the Fatherless.)

I was also reminded that every adoption is difficult. Domestic, foster, international. All have the good, bad and ugly sided. Sometimes I feel that it is a full on spiritual World War 3. Then I have to remind myself that our journey to our daughter is about God placing an orphan within our family. It isn't about getting what we want, when we want, how we want. Everything about my flesh wants it the WAY I WANT IT!! I fight this everyday. Tonight as I sit in eager anticipation/hopelessness all in one, I repeat over and over "Not my will but yours. Not my will but yours. Not my will but yours.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Announcement-Part 2 (finally)

I have been waiting for the official "green light" for our adoption of Naomi to post the details. It seems that is taking "forever" so I will post anyway.

Andrew and I have applied to adopt from Ghana. We are hoping to do a private adoption with the assistance of Beacon house . The application process typically takes 3 weeks, however our volunteer adoption coordinator just brought home her newly adopted son from Ghana. It's been a little over 3 weeks. So we wait. Well in the meantime, we are busily getting everything else in order so we can move forward once (if?) we are officially accepted into their program.

Last Thursday we had our homestudy visit. We were blessed to use our previous social worker from AGCI. We absolutely ADORE her. We did Levi's 1 year post placement and our homestudy update at the same time. Beautiful!

We have our dossier 95% complete. Once we receive our new homestudy we will apply for an extension of our I-171H. When you adopt internationally you have to have permission from the USCIS to immigrate a child. We previously were approved for 2 children. Levi was one of them. Now we can ask for a free extension, free country change, and free re-fingerprinting for this adoption. Awesome! The word free is very uncommon in the adoption process.

Once we receive this wonderful piece of paper we will send our dossier to Ghana. Then more waiting as will wait for a match of a child. We have requested a girl 0-4yrs. The wait time in a bit unclear. Could be up to 6 months. The process in Ghana is less streamlined as compared to Ethiopia. There were over 2000 adoptions in Ethiopia to the US in 2009 and only 120 from Ghana. As far aw we can tell the adoption part in relatively easy but the visa and passports part is drama, drama, drama.

So there you go Part 2 is out. Hopefully we will receive our acceptance into their program and we will continue to move forward. If we don't...... not sure. More praying. More waiting on God.