Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dossier done

We finished our Dossier today. We were even able to send it via email to Ghana. Some families will be traveling to Ghana this month and hopefully they will hand deliver the originals. Some time in the next few weeks, Romana (the director of Beacon House) will take our dossier to the office of Social Welfare. I am assuming we will get an application at this time. (We have to apply to SW as well). This process is so far going "smoothly" but there are many areas of grey. The process is confusing and not as streamlined as Ethiopia. The lack of my blogging is largely due to the fact that I don't know exactly what is next. As Carrie put it, "Welcome to independent adoption!"

So what is next?
1.) Get re-fingerprinted for our immigration clearance to adoption from Ghana. i-171H
2.) What to hear from Romana regarding Social Welfare
3.) Get prepared for our fireworks fundraiser which will be in Bothell.
4.) PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! for our daughter, for her birth family, for the process, for SW to accept our family, for the finances, etc.