Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer love

This summer has been cruising by. I can hardly believe August is just around the corner. It has been every summer. This summer has been extra special for me and this quote sums it up:
"And I have had time to carry my tired, oppressed heart to my compassionate Savior and to tell Him what I cannot utter to any human ear. How strange it is that when, through many years of leisure and strength, prayer was only a task, it is now my chief solace if I can only snatch time for it." - Stepping Heavenward by Mrs. E Prentiss

This summer I have been reading through the bible. I am almost finished with the old testament and cannot wait to jump into reading about my Savior's life on earth. I have been learning what it means to depend on him fully. All available moments have been spent reading My bible or on my knees. It has been a rich summer full of blessing.

Our dossier has made in to Ghana and we are awaiting a referral. I am excited but not anxious. I have no idea as to when to expect a referral but we are not planning any time soon.

I promise pictures with my next post.