Thursday, March 17, 2011

picture blast

Our family!

This trampoline has been a life saver. Every afternoon (rain or shine) we head out for some much needed large muscle movement. Against all manufactures recommendation the 5 or 6 of us jump all's awesome!

The littlest two just waking up. Sitting in front of the fire on the elmo couch.

"Helping" mom get the garden ready.

My laundry diva. As you can see from the photos...yes, we pretty much let the kids wear whatever they like.

I cannot believe we have had Naomi in our home for almost 2 weeks now. The first few days were a bit wild but things have definitely started to settle. She has been calling us Mommy and Daddy from day one. She loves, loves, loves to be carried, snuggled, rocked and kissed. Every morning she wakes up and asks to come into our bed to snuggle. It's like she has a touch bank that was in serious negative and now we get to fill it up. I have a very small bubble and love to cuddle so this assignment is right up my alley.
Sleeping has been great as well. So far she has slept 11-12 hours straight. I usually read to her and lay with her for a few minutes. Tonight she asked if she could lay on Mommy skin while we cuddled. She tried to use my stomach as a pillow until she decided it was much too noisy for sleeping.
She has been eating and eating and eating. She has already gained 2 lbs. She is now 28 lbs! We have been struggling a bit with digestive issues but taking her off cows milk and giving her probiotics has made a HUGE difference.
Sibling relations have been getting better. She no longer runs to me shrieking when ever Levi makes a loud noise....which is about every 5 mins. She loves to play with Emelia and Charlie. Levi LOVES her but she could do without him. He literally follow her around all day.

God has been blessing us more then I could imagine. The love I have for this girl is exponential every day. I thought it would be much harder to attach to an "older" child but it has so far been easier. Sometimes I think about what a crazy decision we made to adopt this girl all within 3 weeks. Totally nuts, right? ...But when I am with her it feels that all along God was preparing me to be her Mommy.

Anyways, my brains capacity has lowered...and I think I may be rambling...and I am too tired to proof read what I wrote. So here it is! Enjoy the pics!


Anonymous said...

Love you and love your beautiful family. We are blessed.

David and Larisa said...

I'm so glad that things are going so well - and I know exactly what you mean about the intense love that can take over your heart for an "older" child! :-)

You have such a beautiful family.

Danelle said...

So pleased to read this. You are in my thoughts a lot.

Sheilah said...

an awesome story, with an awesome God behind it.