Monday, April 25, 2011

Adoption (finalization) Day!

Today we had the privilege of finalizing our adoption of Naomi. We also were able to officially change her name to Naomi Weiseth. It was such a special day for our family. We chose to keep her previous first name as her middle name. As much as I would selfishly like to erase her previous is her story and a part of her. We chose to change her first name officially to Naomi. Our family had been praying for "Naomi" for almost 3 years now. Symbolically we wanted her to own those prayers, thoughts, dreams and plans. (Also, for her privacy and protection since this was a local domestic adoption.)

(THE KEY PLAYERS: JoAnn Vesper-social workers, Anita Farris- Judge, Emelia, Charlie, Levi, Amber, Naomi, Andrew and Sabrina Layman-lawyer)

Shout out for JoAnn: When we first were required to do a homestudy for Levi's adoption, I thought it was all for the agency, paperwork...blah, blah, blah. I was so incredibly wrong...or maybe so incredibly blessed. I assume some social workers out there are just there to ask the questions, fill in the blanks, stamp the papers and that's it. Our social worker, JoAnn Vesper (works with Agape Adoptions ) is so opposite to that. She not only has done an amazing job with the required papers but she has given us access to a wealth of support and knowledge...herself. We have been so blessed to have JoAnn in our lives. She was incredibly instrumental in both Levi's and (even more so) Naomi's adoption. She has been such an encouragement. I am such a better Mommy because of her. Thank you JoAnn!

Our lawyer, Sabrina A. Layman, was amazing! She was more than we ever could have expected. This is her helping the kids stamp the copies of the adoption degree. If you need an adoption lawyer in Seattle/Everett area...give her a call.

Celebratory lunch at Alfy's Pizza

I still cannot believe how fast this has happened. 11 weeks ago, we first got the call for a possible adoption of Naomi. Now we are fully legit and adopted. She is a Weiseth. What an amazing journey God has us on.

one last pic: (Naomi skin-to-skin in the Moby. Some much needed Kangaroo care after a busy few days)


Kim said...

That last picture of her in the moby makes me cry. You are such a good mommy!
-Yes I'm still spying on your beautiful family
-Yes I think your great and a total inspiration. Also such a reminder of God's love and Grace.

David and Larisa said...

Congratulations - so happy for all of you! That's great that you can get everything finalized so quickly - in our county, a child has to be living in the home for a minimum of 6 months before you can finalize an adoption. Blessings to all of you - especially the newest Weiseth!

Courtney said...

Congratulations! So very happy for your family and excited to see the story of God's healing and redemption unfold for Naomi in the years to come.

Addie said...

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing you family life here! It's an inspiration and such a joy!