Monday, April 18, 2011

Girls causing trouble!

This picture is funny because it makes Naomi look a lot taller than Levi. They are actually the same height. She has him in a strangle hold and is pushing him down. But still, they are smiling and happy.
Dear Mr Garbage truck, could you please come every morning to our house. It is such a sweet moment when all eyes are on you (and not me!). I am actually peacefully rocking in a chair and drinking coffee for 3 whole minutes as you so beautifully collect and carry our trash away.
Such sweet love between these two!

Here we are again...dressed as animals instead of children. These kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to dress up.
Emelia and Naomi's favorite game together is this:
1.) Emelia dresses like a horse
2.) Naomi dresses like a princess
3.) Princess sits in Radio Flyer wagon
4.) Horse ties a jump rope to the wagon handle and loops back
5.) Horse girl puts rope around her belly and runs
6.) Horse girl continues runny wildly through the yard while pulling wagon. The horse begins neighing as loud as humanly possible.
7.) Princess vacillates between sheer delight and sheer terror.
8.) Fight off intruding brothers
8.) Repeat all day

Naomi has been in our home now for 6 weeks. The past week we have made some huge improvements in attachment and behavior. Instead of constant demands for food, water, being held, etc., she now seems to trust that those things will come to her. It was surprising to me the first month. I would be making lunch for the kids and she would start demanding food. It's like she didn't actually believe I was going to feed her the food I was making. Her first response was that she needed to fight for it. She's a fighter. Which is a great thing because the loss and hardships she has experienced (and will experience) are not going to slow her down. It has been nice the past week to see her settle into knowing that we will...
-feed her
-hold her
-read to her
-keep her safe
-not hurt her
-not leave her
-protect her
-play with her

it seems like small things...and they are...but they are also huge. 6 weeks ago I taught Naomi how to cuddle. Today, when I put her to bed, she cuddled under my arm, put her head on my chest, clutched my shirt, sucked her thumb...then looked up into my eyes and said, "You are my Mommy. You love me. You are never going to leave me. You are going to keep me safe. I love you too, Mommy...and I need a kiss." She was peacefully asleep 30 seconds later. I lay there just thanking God for this blessing. I prayed over her, her sleep, her anxieties, her future, etc. I felt as if God whispered to me, "This pleases me."


Addie said...

This is so beautiful Amber. Thank you for sharing how God is working in your family, and especially in Naomi.

Courtney said...

Love this! The "dear Mr. Garbage Truck" made me laugh, but I was teary-eyed by the end. So thankful for your newest daughter and for the progress she is making.

Anonymous said...

You have made your mama cry tears of happiness. I am so proud of you and love you so much.

elijah + lisa + makaio said...

I am inspired by you and Andrew's dedication to answer GOD'S call to adoption. Naomi sounds like she's been through a lot and you are doing an amazing job of filling the ever important need of affection and security that is so vital in a child's development. She is so blessed to be able to call you Mommy!